Under Huahong Group, Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited (“Hua Hong Semiconductor” or the “Company”; stock code: 1347.HK), is a global, leading pure-play 200mm foundry. The Company primarily focuses on research and manufacturing of semiconductors on 200mm wafers for specialty applications, in particular eNVM and power discretes. The Company’s portfolio also includes several other advanced process technologies such as RFCMOS, analog and mixed signal, PMIC and MEMS. The Company uses its own proprietary processes and techniques to manufacture semiconductors of the design specifications of its diverse customers, which include IDMs and systems and fabless companies. The Company also offers design enablement services facilitating the timely completion of complex designs that are optimized in terms of performance, cost and manufacturing yield on our processes. The semiconductors the Company manufactures are incorporated into a wide range of products in diverse markets, including consumer electronics, communications, computing, and industrial and automotive.

Hua Hong Semiconductor is the trusted technology and manufacturing partner of its customers, who fall into two main categories: (i) IDMs and (ii) systems and fabless companies. The Company develops and offers its customers a portfolio of advanced, differentiated wafer process technologies.

According to IHS, based on total 2016 revenues, Hua Hong Semiconductor ranked second globally amongst pure-play 200mm foundries. The Company currently has one of the largest 200mm wafer processing capacities in China through its three fabs in Shanghai, with an approximate capacity of 170,000 wafers per month.

The Company offers a broad selection of customizable processes across the 1.0μm to 90nm technology nodes and is the specialist in the design and manufacture of semiconductors that require eNVM process technologies. The Company believes its eNVM solutions deliver superior performance on smaller die size relative to those of its competitors, making Hua Hong Semiconductor the foundry of choice for a variety of fast growing eNVM applications such as smart cards and MCUs. The Company also has strong capabilities in power discrete technologies and a dedicated fab to manufacture discrete products. Through the flexible and customizable manufacturing platform, The Company is able to support a variety of customer-specific requirements.