To honor our achievement in the area of research and development and operation, we were awarded a number of awards in China, which include the 2013 National Scientific and Technology Award – Second Prize (2013年國家科學技術進步獎二等獎) awarded by the State Council of the People's Republic of China, the 2010 Outstanding Contribution Award (2010年度突出貢獻獎) awarded by the Office of the National Science and Technology Major Projects (國家科技重大專項實施辦公室), the Top Honor at Global Performance Excellence Award- World Class Award (全球卓越績效獎最高級別獎) awarded by the Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO), the China’s Top 50 Electronics & IT Innovators 2016 (2016年中國電子信息行業創新能力五十強企業) awarded by the China Information Technology Industry Federation (CITIF), the Most Influential Enterprise of Electronics & IT 2017 (2017年全国电子信息行业最具影响力企业) awarded by the China Electronics Enterprises Association, the Most Recognized Foundry of the 20167 Greater China IC Design Award (2017年度大中華IC設計成就獎之最受認可晶圓代工企業) awarded by AspenCore, and won annual awards of the Golden Ant Award of National Golden Card Project (國家金卡工程金螞蟻獎) awarded by the State Golden Card Project Coordination Leading Group Office, the China Top Ten Semiconductor Manufacturers (中國十大半導體製造企業) awarded by the China Semiconductor Industry Association and the China Semiconductor Innovative Products and Technology Award (中國半導體創新產品和技術獎) awarded by the China Semiconductor Industry Association etc. for many years. In addition, we ranked among the top 10 Chinese mainland enterprises with the most patents granted in 2016.