The process technology is a set of specifications and parameters that we implement for manufacturing the critical dimensions of the patterned features of the circuitry of semiconductors. The major process technologies that form our technology platform include eNVM, standalone NVM, discrete, analog & PM, logic & RF and sensors. We believe our ability to offer customizable and flexible manufacturing solutions, positions us favorably for continued success because it enables us to satisfy multiple end-market product requirements and the diverse specifications of our customers. We are focused on the production of a broad range of semiconductors that are based on our differentiated, advanced wafer process technologies tailored to the special needs of our customers. The semiconductors we manufacture for our customers are generally used in the following four end markets: consumer electronics, communications, computing, and industrial and automotive.

In order to provide integrated solutions, we also provide our customers with a range of value-added services, from design support and mask making to wafer-level probing and testing. We provide some of these services internally as well as through our external qualified partners. This ability to deliver a variety of complementary services, such as design, mask making, wafer probing, and support of assembly and testing, enables us to accommodate the needs of a full array of customers with different in-house capabilities, such as IDMs, systems companies and fabless design houses.

We place significant emphasis on achieving and maintaining a high standard of manufacturing. We believe that our reputation for high quality and reliable products and services has been key to attracting and retaining the leading international and domestic semiconductor companies that make up our valued customer base.