HHGrace is one of the leaders providing embedded Non-Volatile Memory foundry solutions. HHGrace’s eNVM family with a broad of applications including smart card, MCU and SoC, consists of eFlash solution with high density and fast program/erase time, eEEPROM solution with excellent endurance, logic-compatible and cost-effective eOTP/eMTP solutions.

0.25μm~0.13μm eFlash

Two sets of embedded Non-Volatile Flash Memory technology platforms:
  • Self-aligned split-gate technology at 0.25μm, 0.18μm, and 0.13μm
  • SONOS technology at 0.13μm
  • Providing the most competitive flash IP macros with high reliability and 100 years of data retention after 300K endurance, proven in high-volume mass production, and customizable to meet the specific requirements for high speed, low power and cost-effective solutions

For touch control application, HHGrace provides an innovative single chip solution - 0.13μm eFlash+HV platform. With HV CMOS (32V) devices built on top of mature 0.13μm eFlash process, the existing libraries and IPs are fully compatible, including embedded Flash/EEPROM IPs in full density range, SRAM, a complete set of analog IPs, high performance I/O library and low power standard cell library. With tens of thousands of wafers shipped, the platform has been widely recognized in the industry.

0.35μm~0.13μm eEEPROM

Three sets of embedded EEPROM technology platforms:
  • Self-aligned split-gate technology at 0.13μm and 90nm
  • SONOS technology at 0.13μm
  • Split-gate technology at 0.5μm FEOL and 0.35μm/0.25μm BEOL

As the leading wafer foundry producing smart card ICs, HHGrace’s end products range from SIM card, U-key, social security card, ID card and bank card to a variety of security ICs.

0.5μm~0.13μm eOTP/eMTP/eLogicEE

Comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for entry-level 8-bit MCU applications
  • 5V and 3.3V single-gate platforms providing high C/P ratio
  • Widely used for various MCUs such as battery, remote control and toys
  • Comprehensive IP portfolio and highly experienced IP design team helping customers accelerate time to market with high-performance and low-power IPs