In order to attract and retain talents, HHGrace provides salary packages which are competitive in the industry and multiple bonus plans.

Compensation Component
  • Twelve months fixed salar
  • Annual bonus: two months’ salary
  • Different types of bonus are paid based on company profitability, performance review and compliance rate.

Benefit System

The company is committed to providing a comprehensive benefit system, including:

Flexible vacation days Employees are entitled to all the legal holidays as well as annual leave provided by the company,which is better than the national legal system of annual vacation

Medicare Plan For domestic employees, in addition to the state's health insurance, the company also providesa supplementary commercial health insurance plan

Free meals The company provides employees with free meals, to relieve the employees of worries

Other perks The company also holds birthday parties, company outings, sports, parent-child activities and other events to enhance communication and bonding