Head of Thin Film (Fudan University)

I had many offers before I graduated, but finally selected the current company, even without office and factory at that time. Why? Youth, passion, challenge and opportunity were attracting me mostly to make this decision. Now, 12 year later, our company has grown into a leading IC FAB in China, and I am also promoted to FAB director. I have been in this company for 12 year with persistence because it offers excellent training, continuous challenges and more opportunities for young engineers. Most of the team members have a similar story: first job after campus, planed and realized personal career, grew up with the company. Every new engineer improves quickly because IC technology is in never-ending development and IC manufacturing level continues in improvement and getting more humanized management. We are expecting you to join us.

Head of Engineering II (Hefei University of Technology)

Hua Hong NEC has China's first 8 inch production lines. Now, it has moved from a memory chip production factory gradually to foundry production line; with the continuous expansion of the company, the production capacity of 20000 pieces has been upgraded to 2 factories to produce 90000 pieces.

With the development of Hua Hong NEC, I also grew from a student to a social person, from an ordinary engineer to a middle-level manager. Along the way, I have had the joy of success, also failure and frustration, but I always firmly believe that as long as you work hard and stick to the goal, it will usher in a better tomorrow.

The competition insemiconductor industry brings challenges to us, but also opportunities. The God of fortune always favors the prepared mind, let's get ready, and meet the challenge, to grow together.

Head of Logic Process Integration Engineering (Nanjing University)

"Customer Orientated,Continuous Learning and Innovation, Streamline and Efficiency, Harmony and Teamwork, Seamless Cooperation ,Trust and Encouragement" is the core value of GSMC. The company focuses on employee development rather than advancing the corporate goal only.

Actually, I have not planned mycareer when I joined GSMC fresh from school. I joined GSMC just because the job geared to my specialization. When I look back today after nearly ten years, I think I was lucky. HuahongGrace is a company which focuses on the improvement of the employees and provides excellent workenvironment. You can study and work here with many young men like yourself as a great team, complemented by international counterparts, providing the best solution for the customers. With hard work in our team, you will improve your ability greatly and promptly, which is the most important fortune in yourcareer.

Head of Memory Process Integration Engineering (Xi’an Jiaotong University)

It has been more than ten years since I graduated. When I look back, everything is as fresh as yesterday. What a period of golden time! Just exactly like what it is in the poem: Young we were, schoolmates; At life's blooming; “Rigor, integrity, determination and loyalty” following this school motto like past generations of students of Xi’an Jiaotong University, I’ve honed my skills as an engineer in the college. When I had my pictures taken with friends under Tengfei Tower in June of my graduation year, I knew that I was ready for the future. Then I was here in HHGrace which provided a bigger stage for me. Having experienced tough time of accumulation, being denied, making hard decisions, persisting, I never gave up my dream. Now I am proud to say that I am more mature and qualified to assume my responsibility. HHGrace is facing its best time which is full of opportunities and is gearing up for the battle of tomorrow. Lucky enough to be part of this historic stage, let’s fight together!

E-flash Development Engineer (University of Science and Technology of China)

I’ve been working here for three and half years. During this period, I have beenworking on a new generation Embedded Flash platform development project. Pain and gain were always with me when going through the whole process including development, risk production and mass production. Micro chip development is a big and complicatedsystem in engineering. The accomplishment of one project is closely related to personal efforts and team cooperation. I am really proud when looking at the new generation platform going into mass production and finally entering thousands ofconsumers’ hands. The company provides a free and relaxed environment for every person, with many good opportunities for personal development. Everyone’s value can be fully reflected here.

Head of Technology Development Integration (Shanghai University)

‘What learned from book is superficial, what learned from practice is crucial.’ Time flies, I have been in HG for 13 years. It has given me a deeper understanding of practice which is the most important to an engineer. To be a qualified engineer, you have to do everything by yourself to learn as much as you can and pay close attention to everything you take. Stay on the ground, stay foolish. I believe technique comes from practice, not from mouth. If you are not learning something new every day, you are wasting away days of your life. As a student, I just learned something new from book, and to be an engineer, I started to learn something new from practice. Now I have grown up into a manager. Looking back, HHNEC has given us a wide stage to achieve what we want. I benefited from it, so willyou.

Head of Etch Process Engineering (East China University of Science and Technology)

I joined the corporation directly after graduation from university in July 2003. 10 years havepassed; the scene of on board company always appears in front of my eyes.Now I have developed into a supervisor and am managing a few engineers. The favorable workenvironment, systemic training plan and perfect career planning are sufficient for you to show yourselves. Under the central values of “customer-oriented, learning and innovation, lean and efficient, harmony and teamwork, seamless cooperation, trust & encouragement”, we improve and develop. Each drip of sweat and drab effort will be rewarded with success of yourself and the company. Join us, you will do fine!

Head of Product Engineering (Xidian University)

Six years ago, I joined Hua Hong and came from Xi'an to Shanghai. High living expenses, language barrier, fierce competition and high prices of houses made me very uncomfortable, and I wanted to escape.

Overthe six years in Hua Hong, I have been turned into a competent team leader from a graduate, an expert from a newbie, a trainer, presenter, excellent singer from an introverted boy. Hua Hong gave me a broad space for development.

“Despite the difficulties and hard work”, stick to these words and believe in yourself!

Head of Product Engineering (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

It is one of the most advanced 8-inch Fabs in the world. It has world-class engineering and technology team. It’s carrying the IC dream of Chinese and creating the miracle of Chinese IC. As an old Grace people, I’m always proud of working in such a place full of vigor, vitality, dreams and challenges! I believe with the mega-merger of HH and Grace, the new company will be an ideal start point for everyone to strive for their goals. It’s the best place to fulfill your dream.

Principal Engineer (Beijing Institute of Technology)

Five years ago, I came to Shanghai alone, with no partner, feeling lonely. When I first enteredthe company, there came the financial crisis. I didn’t have enough time to understand whether they were less than being fortunate or it was God’s inspiration. A sudden rainstorm left me at a loss. And now I have grown into when complaining abouta heavy rain which ruinedmy weekend travel plans, I can also expect the rainbow.

Five years later, thanks to a group of people who work together, I fell in love with this city. Recalling the first scene, I feel everything happened in such a natural way:I came from far away, you happened to be there.

Life is like a SIM card, one half is memory, the other half can only simulate. And your current life is logic. The status of your mind is negative or positive because what you get is 0 or 1.

I love HG, as she loves me even when I have nothing.
I love HG, from the start and to be continued.