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Our excellent facilities include arestaurant and a café. The restaurant provides multiple choices such as Japanese, Western-style, Chinese food and so on.


The company disposes of a cozy café, providing a convenient place for the staff to take breaks. Walk into the café and enjoy the quality time that the coffee and snacks have to offer!


HHGrace provides a standard dormitory with pleasant environment, with amenities such as Internet connection, cable TV, and microwave for our staff to have access to an enjoyable accommodatio


Clinics and nurseries are located in the factories, providing 24 hour service including diagnosis and treatment, counseling, and emergency medical assistance.Annual employee physical examination and supplementary insurance will make sure that every employee is covered by medical protection.


HHGracebuilta library with a good selection of books to broaden the horizon and enrich the leisure time of the staff.


HHGrace provides several kinds of fitness facilities to help the staff stay strong and healthy.